The slogan is: “fresh fish”

The slogan is: “fresh fish”

The kitchen offers a wide choice of menu, with extensive use of typical Mediterranean products. varied and delicious appetizers, first refined dishes, grilled catch of the day. Accompany your meal with a selection curated by local and regional labels of our wines.


Pizza baked in a wood oven

If you prefer you can enjoy a delicious pizza cooked in a wood oven with fresh and wholesome ingredients. Another highlight on the front of the restaurant, purely artisanal, become an institution of the Oasis Riviera Village, thanks to the professionalism and qualitaà of raw materials chosen with care and attention by our pizza chef Fabio.


Sicilian ice cream

All ice-cream products, among which you will also find the famous Sicilian granita, whites and blacks truffles, schiumoni and frozen desserts of different flavors, are prepared daily with the procedure required by old local tradition, as well as would prepare them at home a passionate craftsman.

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